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12 Ways to Improve Recruiting

The top 3 hiring sources for most organizations are; Employee Referrals (24.5%), Career Pages (23.4%) and Job Boards (18.1%)  *source CareerXRoads According to my iPhone calculator that accounts for 66% of hires.  Guess what?  You don’t need a “talent acquisition consultant” to drive applicants to any of these!  As a matter of fact 6.8% of hires are … Continue reading

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6 Places to Tell Your Employer Story

One of these days I am going to take a camera crew and just walk into a company and ask “tell me your story”.  Every company, like every person has a story to tell.  In the business of employer branding we want to tell a compelling story that reaches a targeted audience and answers the … Continue reading


17 Employer Branding Strategies for 2014

Employer branding is one of the hottest recruiting trends of 2014.  The term seems to be on the tongue of many C-level HR leaders but my question is “will companies truly build employer brand equity or will this be just a hot phrase for 2014″?    Below are 17 focus points when building a great … Continue reading

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Invest in Talent Branding

“Bootylicous” is now in the dictionary and means “attractive/sexy”. The term “crunk” means “very excited and full of energy”. Although not the everyday vernacular of recruiting and HR professionals, both of these terms describe HOW you should be doing your talent brand. In a recent LinkedIn white paper, a talent brand is defined as “the … Continue reading

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The Future of Recruiting: Futurecasting with Dave Mendoza

Remember the good ole days of recruiting?  If drinking and smoking at your desk with a rotary dial phone popped into your head, you are on the wrong site!  What I am trying to say is remember how much recruiting has evolved? 30 years ago it was a phone, phone book and paper resumes mailed to … Continue reading

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Social Recruiting Will Die!

Do you remember the archaic language of the 60’s “groovy” and “dig it”.  I remember my first real world job in the late 90’s and everyday hearing the word “synergy” and thinking to myself “huh”.  Those terms today seem dated and tired (much like wearing a tie to work where you talk on the phone at your desk … Continue reading

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Social Media Strategy: LinkedIn

The number one question to ask yourself when developing your corporate social media strategy is:  “What is the impact and alignment of the social strategy and business goals/objectives?”  You should first start by looking at three key criteria; Strategy:  plan that marries your business objectives and your business insights to your users Enablement:  active commitment to becoming … Continue reading


It’s Not Your Resume, It’s You!

You spend hours changing, editing and preparing your resume that will surely land you that dream job!  It is sent out through every job board, imported into your LinkedIn profile and scattered to the 4 corners of your geographic preference!  Then, after all that – NOTHING!  You are confused, baffled, angry and blame everyone else … Continue reading

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Quit Cold Calling Me!

It never fails, a new job post hits my career page and within 2 hours I receive the following phone messages and emails; “This is John Smith with XYZ Staffing, I was hoping to connect and see if my firm could assist with any of your openings. We specialize in EXACTLY WHAT I JUST POSTED” “This … Continue reading


15 Ways to Improve the Candidate Experience

Recently, our Talent Acquisition team (Anastasia Bartolucci & Alex Putman) were honored to with an award for candidate experience, Candidate Experience (CandE) Award with Distinction at the 15th Annual Human Resources Technology Conference & Exposition in Chicago. When you hear about awards like this you think of large companies with deep pockets and tons of … Continue reading

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