Are You Innovative Enough?

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Ask yourself a question….”what is the most innovative thing I have accomplished professionally this year?”  My journey started with a New Year’s resolution.  That resolution included being happy at work, using my creativity to build something cool and never being required to wear a tie ever again. Thus began a new job search in January 2011.  As … Continue reading

SHRM-Atlanta Conference: Future of Talent Acquisition

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Orignal Post appeared on the SHRM-Atlanta blog  Did you know that there are over 1 billion (with a “B”) smart phone users globally?  By 2015 smart phone usage will overtake desktops.  Do you think this mobile explosion will have an impact on talent acquisition?  Consider this scenario… The year is 2015, the war for top … Continue reading

3 Reasons It’s Hip to Be Square

There are so many mobile tools that have or will affect most aspects of our life.  My latest question is, “why do all the cool tools come in a small square shape?” I recently discussed QR codes, however their was one flaw that left me puzzled.  Once I load the link, then it was forever … Continue reading

Mobile: All the Cool Kids Are Doing It!

Albert Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge”, as profound a statement as this is and as much as I agree, I have a confession.  I read this profound statement in a bathroom while on vacation AND it was next to a copy of the Constitution. Information is everywhere and literally at our fingertips!  When a new form of technology or … Continue reading

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