15 Ways to Improve the Candidate Experience


Recently, our Talent Acquisition team (Anastasia Bartolucci & Alex Putman) were honored to with an award for candidate experience, Candidate Experience (CandE) Award with Distinction at the 15th Annual Human Resources Technology Conference & Exposition in Chicago. When you hear about awards like this you think of large companies with deep pockets and tons of … Continue reading

5 Traits of Success


I have spent many years interviewing candidates, teaching interview techniques and picking apart interviews.  Over the past few months, I really started breaking down the basics of what I look for when hiring someone.  Most jobs require a tangible skill set as it relates to a specific field (i.e. a C# software developer, will of course … Continue reading

QR Code Marketing: “It’s Alive”

Drive In QR Code 2

In my recent post about QR codes, I asked the question if it was a new wave or passing fad.  There is a terrific conversation regarding this topic on the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association LinkedIn page.  One of the most creative uses of QR codes was used by a college student seeking an internship.  He … Continue reading

Inside the Mind of the Employer

Interviews! Stressful, uncertainty, informational….what words come to your mind! I want to give you a glimpse into the mind of the employer. Typically you have a few people/layers to make it through when interviewing. Did you know they have an impression of you within 7 seconds? Want to know what they think? Check out this … Continue reading

How to Leave a Great Impression

Leaving an impression that packs impact and is long lasting is critical to many aspects of your life.  Whether it is for an interview, a new job, a date or any new relationship you are often judged and socially ranked on your first impression.  So why not have an impression strategy checklist.  Here are my … Continue reading

12 Questions to Ask Yourself After the Interview

You have spent the last year or so looking for a job.  After all the resume revisions, the multiple hours spent searching and the 1000’s of emails, the market has changed and you are getting multiple interviews. Now you need to gauge how well the interview went and if this is the position for you?  … Continue reading

My Top 10 “Most Viewed” Blog Posts

Out of curiosity I decided to review my Top 10 “most viewed” posts of all time (all 14 months of blogging, 45 total posts).  I believe these posts received this distinction due to their useful content and appeal to the jobseeking audience.  The common traits of the Top 10 include: 1.  Seven of the top … Continue reading

General Interview Questions Employers Ask

Once you are in the interview process, you can expect a series of open-ended questions.  Below are a few general, sample questions.  I have taken the liberty to provide a framework for the answers hiring managers are seeking. Tell me about yourself? Focus on personal and professional values Why you chose your career path Highlight … Continue reading

Do’s and Don’ts of an Interview | Part 5: Long Term Outlook

What a great month April has been!  It’s time to wrap up Part 5 of the 5 part series “Do’s and Don’ts of an Interview” .  This post will focus on what companies expect from an employee that will stay with their company for an investment period.  Most companies do not suspect you will stay and … Continue reading

Do’s and Don’ts of an Interview | Part 4: Communication

Part 4 of 5 in the “Do’s and Don’ts of an Interview” series will focus on communication.    As a refresher the 5 primary categories I am discussing include: Personality Experience Relationship Communication Long Term Outlook Interviewers will judge your communication on more than just verbal (how well you translate your thoughts), they will also rank: … Continue reading

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