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QR Code: New Wave or Passing Fad?

I first learned of QR (Quick Response) last week from Joshua Letourneau and immediately began researching what I consider one of the coolest things I have seen in a while!  I started with a Wikipedia search on QR code and in short learned that it is a way to place a URL or text into a bar code and read via a mobile device.

What could I possibly use this knowledge to accomplish?  As our social world becomes more interactive (eventually we will come full circle and begin speaking to each other in person….good century away) QR readers will be an excellent tool for peaking interest and driving people to information we want them to see!

A few quick places to place and use QR codes:

  • Business Cards:  drive people to a short video introduction of your business or product.  Simply give them a card with a bar code on it, they scan and boom (depending on speed of your network) interactiveness at it best!
  • Handouts/Promotional items:  Place the bar code on your item/handout with a link or text.  This could be in the form of a code for special promotions, a link to a promotions page or to the “deals” section of your Facebook Fan Page.
  • Files:  have a lot of paper files or can’t read your own handwriting?  Place a bar code with text of “what’s in it” and scan for the details.
  • DVD’s/CD’s:  labels can be tedious to make, so why not place a bar code on it.  Scan and retrieve all the details input by YOU of disc contents.  Sure wish I had this for all the discs that look the same in my storage bin!

Creating a QR Codes (called “qurifying”) makes whatever you want more interactive.  I actually downloaded NeoReader for iPhone and scanned an article from a recent Macy’s ad.  It took me to a short video which was cool, but of little interest to me personally. However, I was intrigued by what may be under the code and felt like I was in on a secret!

Creating your own free QR code is easy at a site called Qurify.com .   I made the bar code attached to this post in less than 10 seconds!  Scan the logo picture for this post and see where it takes you (curiosity is getting to you isn’t it).

Welcome to the interactive mix of James Bond and Mission Impossible, except I promise this site will not self destruct in 10 seconds!

Below is a list of QR readers for mobile devices and a quick poll (5 seconds of your time) to find out how you would use QR Code!

Links to Mobile QR Readers

QR Readers for iPhone

QR Readers for Android

QR Readers for Blackberry

Please take a second to complete the Poll!

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