Social Recruiting Will Die!

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Do you remember the archaic language of the 60’s “groovy” and “dig it”.  I remember my first real world job in the late 90’s and everyday hearing the word “synergy” and thinking to myself “huh”.  Those terms today seem dated and tired (much like wearing a tie to work where you talk on the phone at your desk … Continue reading

Social Media Strategy: LinkedIn

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The number one question to ask yourself when developing your corporate social media strategy is:  “What is the impact and alignment of the social strategy and business goals/objectives?”  You should first start by looking at three key criteria; Strategy:  plan that marries your business objectives and your business insights to your users Enablement:  active commitment to becoming … Continue reading

Develop a Social Recruiting Strategy

Everywhere you turn you hear one buzz word; social!  I am in the field of talent acquisition and companies are always looking for the fountain of candidates; that one place where strong candidates are abundant, java developers fall off of trees and the purple squirrels carry around blue acorns! Guess what?  Just because you join a … Continue reading

13 Reasons You’re NOT a Social Media Expert

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If you Google the term “social media expert” you will find tons of posts and writings on the topic.  I have met many so called “experts”, several whom contribute to blogs and a few that have written papers and  even books regarding this topic.  I was recently amazed to find a collection of these experts were unable to provide a … Continue reading

QR Code Marketing: “It’s Alive”

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In my recent post about QR codes, I asked the question if it was a new wave or passing fad.  There is a terrific conversation regarding this topic on the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association LinkedIn page.  One of the most creative uses of QR codes was used by a college student seeking an internship.  He … Continue reading

Geo Social Gone Wild!

I have wanted to post about “location-based social networks” for sometime now.  I started doing my research on the basics; Facebook Places, Foursquare and Gowalla along with a handful of others.  I loaded the apps and was totally ready to rank each one of the three!  Next, I was going to offer a case study … Continue reading

Twitter Simplified!

Several weeks ago I was on Twitter and my 7-year-old daughter walks in.  She said “Daddy, are you on twitter again”?  I asked, “what do you know about twitter”?  Her response was a simple “I know it is about getting into other people’s business”!   Then, just last week I was meeting with a twitter newbie and he asked “what … Continue reading

8 Ways to Engage Your LinkedIn Tribe!

Communities, Tribes, Social Networks; whatever term you use to describe “your peops” most people fall short on the most important thing in social media: Engagement! In this post I want to discuss how to best engage your LinkedIn community versus just “having a profile” on LinkedIn. To my surprise many people are still unaware of … Continue reading

Social Media Engagement Tips

Many people (talent acquisition and human resources professionals) think of themselves as social media experts because they have a Facebook and/or a LinkedIn account.  They update their status and even place job post (with links…look out now) in their status.  This makes you a social media expert about as much as standing in your garage … Continue reading

Evolution of the Resume

Remember the days of sending your resume via snail mail.  You purchased the perfect stock of paper and envelope, addressed it ever so carefully, bought a….ugh…what’s that sticky thing called, oh yeah, a stamp and sent it off.  You waited weeks to hear back and nothing.  Maybe you sent it to the wrong person, maybe … Continue reading

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