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Social Recruiting Will Die!

Do you remember the archaic language of the 60’s “groovy” and “dig it”.  I remember my first real world job in the late 90’s and everyday hearing the word “synergy” and thinking to myself “huh”.  Those terms today seem dated and tired (much like wearing a tie to work where you talk on the phone at your desk all day).  The term “Social Recruiting” will suffer the same fate.

The title “Social Recruiting Will Die” is purposely misleading, it was meant to make you say “what the *%$#” (that never happens with sites, give you a heading and suck you in).  The real conversation is not “social recruiting will die” but one of how archaic the term is already.  The shelf life of new things today is 6-12 months and “social recruiting” is 3 years overdue.

Admission of guilt, I use the term regularly.  Furthermore, I am leading a discussion at SHRM-Atlanta’s spring conference on Tuesday, April 30 titled “Social Recruiting:  Brand, Hire and Engage”.  Below is a synopsis of my track is:

This session will focus on recruitment branding via new/digital media. We will discuss branding your talent acquisition department through social channels including; Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs. Attendees will also learn about unique talent acquisition and engagement tools to utilize during the recruitment process. You will walk away with a social strategy and fresh ideas to distinguish your brand. If you want to learn how to communicate your brand across multiple channels, deliver a social strategy and incorporate video into your talent engagement, this is the session to attend!

In reality social recruiting is not dead, it is very much alive!  The term will far outlive it’s shelf-life and recruiting will always be social no matter the technologies or grooviness of the future.  Can you dig it?  Sorry, I refuse to use the 90’s term, mainly because I would rather say “work together”.

“You can wrap a turd in tinfoil and call it shiny, but it’s still a turd in tinfoil” – Unknown old man from my hometown.

Come by my session at SHRM-Atlanta 2013 conference on Tuesday, April 30.  Follow the #shrmatl13 hashtag and me on twitter @alexputman

LinkedIn Logo 2013

Social Media Strategy: LinkedIn

The number one question to ask yourself when developing your corporate social media strategy is:  “What is the impact and alignment of the social strategy and business goals/objectives?”  You should first start by looking at three key criteria;

  1. Strategy:  plan that marries your business objectives and your business insights to your users
  2. Enablement:  active commitment to becoming a social business and making social a part of the company DNA
  3. Content:  Storytelling!  What you’re saying must pass the “Who gives a crap” test!

LinkedIn is a powerful tool and a powerful addition to your social media strategy.  This tool goes beyond just “status updates” or “push information”.  When creating your strategy LinkedIn (or any social platform) ask yourself:

  1. How will the platform tie into the  overall social media goals?
  2. What do I want this platform to look like in 3 months, 6 months and longer?
  3. How do I “Keep it real” and engaging to people vs. pushing the same information to a different platform?
  4. What is the reason I am on this platform, is it ONLY because the cool kids are doing it?

Once you have a strategy in mind you can now put together your plan.  Below are six components of a social strategy and sample/generic objectives:

Drive professional conversation, engage business minded users and answer questions by industry professionals.  This will establish your brand/company as an expert in areas outside of your product/service.


  • Drive traffic to the corporate website and/or landing pages
  • Utilize product/services page to promote products and receive feedback on product/service offerings
  • Cross pollinate relevant content to other social media communities AND provide content in a different forum.
  • Create and/or join groups that are in line with your business to establish your brand as a leader.
  • Participate in conversations on company related topics and business questions.

Business Statement:
We will use the LinkedIn community as a platform to interact with business minded professionals and engage peers on a professional level regarding our products/services., thus showcasing our expertise and leadership in our industry.

Target Audience:

  • Professionals with a business mindset vs. a more “social” platform.
  • Users who are less likely to interact on networks such as Facebook or Twitter.
  • Potential customers that interact with competitors products/services

Compare stats, activities, connections and interactions.  Also, gage your interaction/adoption because it is more important than just obtaining “followers”

What works and what does not work, you should measure against current stats (if available) and pay attention to:

  • Increasing engagement on corporate pages and product/services pages.
  • Identify sources of new members/followers
  • Gauge your target audience reach.
  • What are the engagement sources and which ones are working best.
  • Goal achievement and relevance.

I hope this helps as you build your social strategies.  Remember you may not be able to build a strategy for every platform, so start with one and let it roll!

Dr Evil

Develop a Social Recruiting Strategy

Everywhere you turn you hear one buzz word; social!  I am in the field of talent acquisition and companies are always looking for the fountain of candidates; that one place where strong candidates are abundant, java developers fall off of trees and the purple squirrels carry around blue acorns!

Guess what?  Just because you join a social network does not mean you will suddenly find yourself in some utopia of candidates where it rains skill sets and flying unicorns pee coffee and poop sugar cubes!

One thing is certain, there are over 1 billion people (thinking of Dr. Evil as I type this) within social networks; our job is to meet, greet and network with them.  This requires a strategy not bombardment of useless and pointless…..crap!

Creating the strategy is the most important thing you can do PRIOR to jumping into the social land of milk and honey.  Your social strategy requires meaning and must tie into the bigger picture of your company’s goals and objectives.  The three keys of social media include;

  1. Strategy:  plan that marries your business objectives and your business insights to your users.
  2. Enablement:  active commitment to becoming a social business, “social” being a part of the company DNA
  3. Content:  Storytelling!  What you’re saying must pass the “Who gives a crap” test!

Developing your strategy is the first step, which I will take you through in my Building a Social Strategy presentation below, designed as a 2.5 hour interactive workshop.  Also, you can find a Social Strategy Template  I created to go along with the presentation and document your plan!

Good luck on your strategy and if you see any purple squirrels or flying unicorns I know several companies that can use them!


Three Keys To Social Media found in article HERE

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Benefits Question

13 Reasons You’re NOT a Social Media Expert

If you Google the term “social media expert” you will find tons of posts and writings on the topic.  I have met many so called “experts”, several whom contribute to blogs and a few that have written papers and  even books regarding this topic.  I was recently amazed to find a collection of these experts were unable to provide a Twitter handle, because they did not have an account!

So let me boil it down, You may not be a social media expert if you …….

  1. are the owner of a really dumb phone.
  2. were the 743,127, 698th person to join Facebook.
  3. refer to any social media medium as “The….”, example, “The Facebook”.
  4. think LinkedIn is a type of fence to keep the dogs in.
  5. believe HootSuite is a type of hotel for owls.
  6. hear the term “hashtag” and instantly think of the movie “Dazed and Confused” or any Cheech and Chong flick.
  7. actually believe you are the Mayor or Duke of Starbucks because your phone says so.
  8. see the “@” symbol and wish you could draw your “a’s” that way.
  9. have never seen a “blog” in the wild and still unable to google a picture of one.
  10. are still not sure what type of animal a RSS is and what you should feed it.
  11. think YouTube is a type of clothing similar to a tube top.
  12. hear the term “tweet” and think of Tweetie Pie from childhood cartoons.
  13. clicked on any of these links to find out what they are!

In all seriousness can some really be a social media expert?  Social media has so many uses and there are tons of tools.  You can be a strategist, because you create strategies around social media or an enthusiast if you love social media and push it’s use for different campaigns.

So please stop using this term as a title!  If someone calls you an expert, take it as a compliment but refrain from revamping your business cards and updating your LinkedIn account.

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Drive In QR Code 2

QR Code Marketing: “It’s Alive”

In my recent post about QR codes, I asked the question if it was a new wave or passing fad.  There is a terrific conversation regarding this topic on the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association LinkedIn page.  One of the most creative uses of QR codes was used by a college student seeking an internship.  He literally makes his paper resume, speak!  You have GOT to check it out

The codes themselves are easy to set up, but it seems adoption is a key issue.  Most people have seen QR codes without realizing it.  Go to Best Buy and look at a laptop. there you will find a handy QR code ready to scan and direct to the on-line store (I actually used this one).

Marketers:   Adoption issue = must provide direction.  For now, marketing must provide quick set of direction “scan this with a QR reader on your mobile phone” is a good start. I never look at the retail ads, however my wife does…guess what, she did not know what to do with the QR bar prior to my posting over 1 month ago.  I am certain she is not alone.

But why would someone use a QR code versus just typing in an URL?  Laziness!  It is easier to snap a picture than type in an URL on a small screen!

Is laziness the only marketing reason to utilize QR codes?  NO!  There is tons of data you can capture about consumers and who doesn’t like consumer data?  Check out some sample back end data from  Matt Reichart in this post.

The more I read about this tool, the more I love it.  Personally, I believe the not so old saying “if a picture is worth 1,000 words, video is worth 1,000,000!”  Link that pretty mug to a video and begin engaging people those 1,000,000 people!  The video above was worth the 40+ seconds of viewing and said more to me as a hiring manager than any paper or electronic resume!

Kick some butt and make a great 1st impression!  Break out the QR scanner on your device, scan the code in the drive in picture and learn how to make an impression on a potential employer!

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Location Based Social Network

Geo Social Gone Wild!

I have wanted to post about “location-based social networks” for sometime now.  I started doing my research on the basics; Facebook Places, Foursquare and Gowalla along with a handful of others.  I loaded the apps and was totally ready to rank each one of the three!  Next, I was going to offer a case study on the business applications and how companies could use to increase business (because no one has done that yet).  Then I found an article (at the top of the Google search no doubt) that listed 118 different location-based social network sites (as of 12/2010) and another 22 that are defunct!

Social media has gone crazy mad!

So what is the real future of location-based social networks, aka the future of social stalking?  In the future (by my prediction 2016), we will know every step and breathe our kids take – before they take it (having 3 beautiful daughter, I think about my need to sweep in on my turbo jet pack made by Toyota and kick some butt in their time of need)!

Perhaps that special someone in your life has a “wandering way”, no need to see when the Mayor of Taco Bell check’s in to his/her favorite dining establishment.  In the future, you will have their 5 day “predictive major/minor strikes (PMMS)” sent via hologram to your iRing (small device you wear on your pinkie that projects a hologram of a celebrity of choice and updates everyone’s status).  You will be able to take actions before it happens!

What I have learned is the future of location-based social networks will continue to grow exponentially.  Business will use this social networking tool in all aspects of customer interaction and experience.  Companies will start using them as a rewards based system for employees who work certain shifts, holidays or times.  The mobile device and apps business will continue to grow and eventually boast higher dollars volumes that professional sports, the music industry and film/movies (which has seen it changes due to social media in the past 5 years).

So check-in while you can, eventually you will be in a geographical state of check mate!

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Twitter - Standard Blue

Twitter Simplified!

Several weeks ago I was on Twitter and my 7-year-old daughter walks in.  She said “Daddy, are you on twitter again”?  I asked, “what do you know about twitter”?  Her response was a simple “I know it is about getting into other people’s business”!   Then, just last week I was meeting with a twitter newbie and he asked “what is the point of twitter” and “how do I use it correctly”.  So here are some bullet points on twitter as described to a 7-year-old and a twitter newbie;

What is Twitter? 

  • Twitter is an outlet for providing and receiving information in a short format (140 characters or less).
  • Twitter facilitates social networking, but it’s not considered a social networking website.
  • Following is the act of subscribing to someone’s “mini feed” to get their “tweets” aka  “information they consider valuable”.

So What’s the Point of Twitter?

  • Send and receive instant information on topics of interest
  • Sourcing tool to find people with common interests
  • Engaging contacts; Twitter connects you to your contacts
  • Promoting blogs, brands or self
  • Simplified form of getting updates vs. Facebook
  • Get feedback from a large network in short bites of information
  • Connect with people on a personal level that you may never get the chance to in “real life”

Describe Twitter “Best Practices”

  • Provide useful/helpful information such as links to news, current events/trends or tips
  • Good information is key, think to yourself “why would someone want to read this”?
  • Follow people who provide valuable information; if you are into social media, search for people who tweet/send information on the subject.
  • Provide a quick introduction in the beginning of your tweets; just blasting links will get you lost in the stream.
  • Utilize the twitter yellow pages (Twellow and Listorious) to show yourself and find subject matter experts you wish to follow.
  • Complete your profile and provide a website you want to direct traffic to;  I suggest your blog url or LinkedIn url (do not leave blank!)

Remember you control your on-line reputation.  Once you tweet it, it is public domain (literally, google catalogues every tweet)!  So pick a cool handle (no spam flaggers) and have fun!  Feel free to follow me @alexputman!  Happy tweeting!

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